Basic Devices That You Need for an Excellent YouTube Cover Song

Those doing cover songs for YouTube have their individual purposes. The most common reasons maybe are to express one’s inclination to music, as a way to be discovered, and as an income-generating endeavor. For any of these reasons, one should try his best to come up with quality results.

Coming up with quality YouTube music covers depends much on the musicality of a performer. The quality of the voice and creativity can be factors that viewers will be looking at. But to keep them looking forward to your next cover songs, it is a must to make those songs your own. Doing songs the way they were sung by the original singer can discourage viewers from following you. They would rather hear the original version than to listen to a copycat.

Rearranging the song can be a way to make the song your own. One method of doing it is to change the genre of a song. You can also use a different set of musical instruments. Aside from the musical instruments which you must already have as a music enthusiast, it is a must to invest in the following devices to come up with an excellent cover song.

High-Tech Digital Camcorder

There are countless others who are doing cover songs for YouTube at the moment. To be able to stand out, it helps if you are equipped with an advanced digital camcorder. A high-tech camcorder has built-in microphones that can record audio efficiently. Choosing a device that records adequately should be a top priority when looking for a camcorder.

Another feature that you should look for is the camera quality. The camcorder should have a high-resolution camera, so your video will not appear blurred on YouTube. With perfect audio and video, a careful choice of song, and creativity, you definitely have a successful cover song in the making.

High-Quality External Microphone

While a camcorder can record audio adequately, it helps if you have an external microphone for premium audio. If your cover song is designed to look like a live performance, a more prominent and beautifully crafted external mic can also add to your video’s aesthetics.

Exceptional Headphone

A headphone is used by singers to clearly hear themselves amidst loud music. This may not be an absolute requirement when doing cover songs because you can adjust the background music volume. You can also repeat the recording if there had been mistakes. However, with earphones, these mistakes can be avoided so you can have a perfect music video at your first try.…

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