Chromebook vs Laptop: Which One to Buy?

If you have been interested in buying a new laptop, you may have probably come across Chromebooks in the computer shops. These are almost like your ordinary laptop, but only that they are designed to run on a lightweight operating system. They are mostly intended for some light computing productivity tasks like surfing the internet, playing online or mobile games, and streaming videos.

Compared to their Mac OS and Windows counterparts, Chromebooks may not be as versatile but are better in some aspects. They also sell at lower prices, but it is not because they offer you less value. You may check out Chromebook reviews to learn more about Chromebooks’ features and capabilities and the chrome OS.

Here are some differences between Chromebook and conventional laptops that influence which one to buy:

Operating System and Functioning

windows os machineTechnically speaking, Chromebook is a laptop like those it competes against and has a desktop OS. However, the two differ in functionality, user interface, OS, software, design, and the way of operating. Chromebook runs Google’s Chrome OS which focuses on online utilization.

Besides, Chromebooks have recently started optimizing specialized software. Their access to the Google Play Store has also made them more functional, both online and offline. Moreover, Chromebooks are getting access to Linux Apps, which is significantly widening their desktop apps portfolio.

Conversely, Windows, and Mac OS laptops are more versatile or well-rounded as they use the conventional desktop operating system. This is made to run independently and handle more unlike a Chromebook, especially offline. Due to their wide application, they have to use more resources and more powerful and costly components to keep things going. Based on the mode of functioning, you may pick whichever favors you and can fit what you do, so Chromebook may be a good choice if you do much online, especially using Google applications.

Local Storage

It is no secret that Windows and Mac OS machines have the upper hand when it comes to local storage capacity. You could find a Chromebook with a capacity of 128GB being considered quite a big storage, but the same for the counterparts is deemed to be small storage. Those who want to have tons of videos, movies, pictures, large files, and other items that take up large space should consider Windows and Mac OS laptops.

On the other hand, if you can rely on the cloud, more so Google’s service, Google Drive, and use the web for photo storage, stream live music and watch online videos, the little local storage for Chromebook is more than enough. You can also work offline to some extent with Chromebook.

Besides the above two key areas, portability is another aspect whereby Chromebooks are slimmer, smaller, and lighter at great prices. The counterparts which are ultra-portable are not so common and tend to be relatively costlier. With this information, you can now easily decide which to pick between the Chromebook and the Windows or Mac OS laptops depending on your tasks, needs, and tastes.…

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